If you want to have a child by:

  • Artificial insemination with a man or woman you know
  • Artificial insemination with an anonymous donor
  • Surrogacy or
  • Adoption

The planning and arrangements for putting your family together are the most complicated and important decisions you will ever make. Some people get overwhelmed while others wing it on their own. Neither approach is necessary or efficient.

With 10 years of direct full-time experience, Alternative Family Matters has the information and networks that can safely pave the way from your desire to be a parent to parenthood itself.

Who We Are

Alternative Family Matters is one of the world’s oldest, most experienced, and innovative providers of Alternative Family Planning Information and visionary thinking about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender) family and community.

Our Mission

To help LGBT individuals and couples nationwide clarify and realize their ambitions to create families with children;

To generate cutting edge analysis of and strategies which address the issues and concerns of LGBT parents, prospective parents, and our children.


Services to Prospective LGBT Parents


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