Services to Prospective LGBT Parents

Alternative Family Planning Consultations

Typically consist of one or two, two-hour meetings that explore the medical, legal, financial, logistical, and psychosocial issues and aspects of adoption, surrogacy, AI with an anonymous donor, and AI with a man or woman you know. These sessions afford couples, individuals, and family groups the opportunity to ask questions and receive LGBT-specific information and referrals that will enable them to make informed decisions and pursue their parenting choices with confidence and clarity. Click for more information or to arrange an appointment.

The Conception Connection Registry and Counseling Service

is a national program for LGBT’s who are seeking an individual of the opposite gender with whom to have a biological child. Our clients are lesbian, bisexual, or single heterosexual women who want known donors, “uncles”, or dads for their children, as well as increasing numbers of gay, bisexual, and single heterosexual men who want biological children, but who prefer non-custodial involvement or to share in their care and custody with the mom(s).Bruno Boxspringbett Erfahrung
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